Jan O. Schreiber
Somewhere between the shores

The Project "Somewhere between the shores" manifests around 250 frames of the open sea, boats and islands passing by, taken during a two month cargo ship voyage from Europe to Australia. The Hamburg - Sydney based photographer started from Antwerp over the Atlantic Ocean, through the Panama Canal and the Pacific Ocean, passed New Zealand. 14 images made it into the final selection of his long seafaring: yellow tinged, a pale collection of photographs that mimics the experience of quiet nostalgia, the subtle stillness of the ocean and the mystery inside moving silhouettes. Jan Otto Schreiber: „As a kid I was dreaming of far away places. When I was old enough I realised my dream and I went all the way to New Zealand to study photography.“ Jan shot ‚Somewhere between the Shores’ on film with his Plaubel Makina.

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  • Jan O. Schreiber
    Somewhere between the shores

  • 64 Seiten, english, 2011