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Nicolas Chorier

Aerial photography is widely used around the world, and most of the territories have been seen from above. Nevertheless, some countries, like India, still banish it for security reasons, as it’s usually done from helicopters or planes. By combining a camera and a kite, Nicolas Chorier could record a spectacular kaleidoscope of aerial photography from across the country. These images are therefore really unique and exclusive, as they capture for the first time a wide range of the Indian beauty.

A few square inches of fabric, a touch of technical know-how, a whiff of breeze, and lo, there is birdy on the remote. These photographs challenge one’s sense of orientation and perspective, play with textures and graphics, and provide a close view of the world from an unusual angle. The kite allows the photographer to wait for just the right time to click, when a ray of sun finally comes to highlight the subject. Eco-friendly, easy to set and non-intrusive, kite aerial photography has a lot to offer to the spectator. It allows low altitude shots, close-up from above, preserves the human dimension in the compositions, and gives access to remoted sites in intricated environments.

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