Nicolas Chorier
India from a kite

This application will depict for you a selection of world heritage sites, spectacular landscapes, and most important: humans.

You’ll fly above the Taj Mahal, close to its dome, and cruise on the small boat, upstream the Ganga at Varanasi, the holiest city in the world. You’ll share a meal with a group of camels in Rajasthan, and fly above legendary palaces. You’ll imagine yourself at the Kumba Mela at Allahabad, the largest human gathering on earth. Nicolas Chorier is waiting for you there… You will see the Kalari fighters on the beach, and their shadow even more, like no one did before, only the birds. You’ll visit Kerala and its enchanting beaches, discover Hampi and its rocks. And more.
Have a nice flight!

video included
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  • Nicolas Chorier
    India from a kite

  • 100 S., EN, 2011, Video incl.