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Andreas Magdanz
BND Standort Pullach

After prolonged security checks the OK for the BND project arrived in August 2004 and I interrupted my work on "Vogelsang" and set out on my journey to Munich. There'd been an initial visit in 2003. An invitation, the black limousine at the railway station, the top-class hotel in Pullach, and the car again at 7 p.m. Then the announcement of the destination, the headquarters, 30 Heilmann Street, a brick wall to the left, right a 4.5 m high barrier made of steel. The wide gate opens, shuts behind us, the driver hands over my identity card. A short, twisting drive, our first here, takes us through the site, devoid of people at this time of night, to Building 37, built once for Hess, afterwards called the Bormann Villa, Dr. House, and now the president's residence, No. 37.

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  • Andreas Magdanz
    BND - Standort Pullach

  • 320 S., DE, 2010, Audio incl.

Audio included!

  • Mit einem Interview von Jürgen König, Deutschlandfunk 2006


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